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Smoking Ask Campaign


Written Manual: Campaign Manager Manual

Bulk text your patients to ask their smoking status.


Suggested TXT Template

Hi [PAT_FIRSTNAME], [Clinic Name] is updating records and offering help for smokers to quit, as its best for their health. Please reply with a number: 1.Current Smoker + Help Me Quit, 2. Current Smoker + Decline help, 3. Ex Smoker, 4. Never Smoked. Thanks.


Suggested Readcodes for Responses

Response Rec. Read Codes Descriptions
Current Smoker + Accept Help 137R.00



Current Smoker

Brief advice Given

Ref to smoking cessation support

Current Smoker + Decline Help 137R.00



Current Smoker

Brief Advice Given

Refused smoking cess support

Ex-Smoker/Already Quit/(Still Ex-Smoker) 137S.00



Brief advice given

Updated on March 16, 2018

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